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3 Plumbing Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid In 2022

Watch Out for These Common Plumbing Mistakes This Year!

Everyone dreads plumbing issues. They're annoying, frustrating, and often downright messy. But what many people don't realize is that the vast majority of plumbing problems are preventable. And when problems do arise, well-meaning homeowners often make matters worse in an attempt to fix them. 

But armed with a little awareness, homeowners will be able to deal with any unexpected issues properly (without doing further harm) and even prevent most issues in the first place. Learn about a few of the pitfalls that homeowners often encounter and how to steer clear of them!

drainTrying To Solve Clogs Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

No one likes a clogged drain. Whether it's a sink that drains at a snail's pace or a tub that won't drain at all, it can be a nasty affair that can't end soon enough. Many people reach for store-bought liquid drain cleaners if a plunger isn't working. Sure, they seem like a fast and easy fix, but they can end up doing more harm than good.

Liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage the home's plumbing, especially with repeated use. They can also cause serious chemical burns, destroy the natural bacteria that septic systems rely on, and worse, they don't always get the job done, leaving these caustic chemicals pooled up in the fixture with the rest of the nasty water.

When a plunger or household drain snake won't do the trick, a better solution is to call in a professional to perform a drain cleaning with a hydro-jetting machine or industrial drain auger. It's also a good idea to do some periodic drain maintenance (both DIY and professional) to help prevent clogs in the future.

Falling Behind On Water Heater Maintenance

Like any other appliance or machine, water heaters require regular maintenance. Gas burners, pilot lights, and exhaust vents need to be cleaned and inspected for leaks or other problems. Electrical components need to be checked for anomalies or loose connections. Safety mechanisms need to be tested. Sediment from hard water needs to be flushed from the tank.

These and many more tasks help ensure safe and efficient performance as well as protect the unit from corrosion or other problems that can shorten its lifespan. Unfortunately, it's easy to let water heater maintenance slide for too long or forget about it entirely - which inevitably leaves the unit needing repairs or replacement. As a rule of thumb (and as a stipulation of many manufacturer warranties), water heaters should be serviced annually by a certified pro.

Attempting DIY Plumbing Repairs & Installationsplumber

Some plumbing tasks can be tackled by homeowners - fixing minor drain clogs, replacing an old toilet flapper, etc. Many homeowners often get in over their heads trying to solve larger issues such as water line leaks or sewer line backups. The fact is, most plumbing problems are best left to a professional plumber for several reasons.

Firstly, professionals can make sure plumbing repairs are done correctly and according to code. They can also use their in-depth knowledge and experience to identify the underlying cause of an issue and provide a long-term solution rather than a temporary fix. Additionally, a professional will have the proper licensing and insurance, so if any damage or injury occurs in their work, the homeowners won't have to bear the burden of responsibility. Hiring a pro is particularly important on larger jobs such as plumbing installations, where much more intensive work is involved.

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