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Tips for Finding a Reliable Plumbing Company This Holiday Season

The Best Plumbers Always Show Up - Even on Holidays

There are countless plumbing companies out there, and finding the right one can be like finding the right pebble on an endless beach. Worse, the most important criteria for selecting a plumber can sometimes be tough to know. Are they trustworthy? Do they pile on hidden fees? Do they do the job right and clean up after themselves? Do they arrive when they say they will (and in a convenient window)?

These are essential factors, as any homeowner who’s been burned by a subpar plumber can attest. But just as important: can they be counted on to show up in a holiday emergency? Plumbing mishaps can happen at any time (and usually do at the worst time), so it’s not too much to ask that the plumber will be there when they’re needed most.

Licensed and Insured or Bust

Homeowners should never hire an unlicensed plumber. A plumbing license can only be attained by a technician who’s been trained and educated in every aspect of plumbing systems, including safety, local laws & codes, and the latest tools and technology.


Every reputable plumbing company will carry liability insurance for their technicians, as well as worker’s comp insurance. Insurance protects both the contractor and the homeowner in the event of accidental injury or damage caused to the home or property.

Online Reviews - The Best Research Tool

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One way to get a clear picture of a plumbing company’s track record is to see what their customers are saying. Most plumbing companies rely on repeat business, referrals, and word-of-mouth, so the best ones will do everything they can to make sure their customers are ecstatic about doing business with them. Asking friends, colleagues, and neighbors about their plumbing company is a good place to start. 

After that, a little due diligence can spare homeowners the remorse and hassle of hiring the wrong plumber. A majority of 4 and 5-star reviews is a good sign, but the occasional negative review deserves a closer look - did the company respond graciously to the complaint and do everything in their power to make it right?

Do They Provide Membership Perks?

More and more plumbing companies are offering loyalty or membership programs that contain some very beneficial perks. Most include waived service fees, annual inspection and maintenance visits, priority queue status, lifetime warranties, and loyalty credits. While programs like these may at first glance seem unnecessary, many homeowners swear by them for the money they save and the peace of mind they offer. These programs are a way for earnest companies to show their commitment to customers and their willingness to stick around for the long haul.

About Magic Plumbing

San Francisco’s Magic Plumbing has been taking care of their community’s plumbing & HVAC needs for over 40 years. Their devotion to honesty, transparency, and amazing service is reflected in their high ratings and myriad 5-star reviews. Their expert plumbing services include 24-hour emergency response, no-surprise pricing, flexible financing, and comprehensive loyalty programs.