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Is Your Home Safe From Harmful Pathogens in the Air?

Don’t Let Scary Airborne Pathogens Haunt Your Home this Halloween!

Around this time of year, people usually expect to be frightened at local movie theatres and haunted houses. This year, many homeowners are opting to get their spooks from the safety and comfort of their own homes by watching scary movies or coming up with socially-distant trick-or-treating practices. While staying home may feel safer this year, an invisible monster may be lurking in the air, unbeknownst to homeowners: harmful airborne pathogens!

Read on to learn the effect that microorganisms floating through the air can have on a person’s health and what local HVAC professionals can do to help homeowners eliminate them!

How Polluted Is the Air in Your Home?

When watching a scary movie, most people may react with screams, deep breaths, or even nervous laughter. All of those are the body’s natural response to stress, but they may also be exposing the body to a greater intake of air that is full of germs, allergens, viruses, and more!

It’s true! While homeowners would like to believe the filter in their HVAC unit protects them from such horrors, the fact is that a simple air filter can only do so much. Here are some of the harmful things that can be found in indoor air:

Dirty Air Filter

  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Chemicals and cleaning solvents
  • Smoke
  • Pet dander
  • And more!

Air Scrubbers: The Solution of the Future!

If that list of air pollutants sends a shiver down the spine, the good news is that there is a solution! Developed with help from NASA scientists comes an air quality solution of the future: an Air Scrubber. This space-age technology uses a two-step process to reduce indoor air pollution by up to 99%.

Air Scrubbers operates in two stages to remove virtually all forms of airborne contaminants from the air. The process begins with a titanium dioxide honeycomb catalyst that, as air from the home is pushed through it, creates negatively charged gases that are then distributed through the air vents. The negatively charged gasses bind positively charged gases like odors, dust, and other allergens throughout the home, making them easier to be caught by the HVAC system’s filter. Stage two uses UV light to attack and kill any other pathogens in the air, including bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Save Your Indoor Air Quality, While Saving Money

Tiny House Surrounded by Gold Coins and Person's Hands

In addition to making the air in a home cleaner and safer to breathe, the air scrubber can also save homeowners money on their monthly utility bills, as well as potential repairs and HVAC unit replacement. How? Well, simply put, an HVAC system that takes in cleaner air doesn’t have to work as hard to filter and return conditioned air back to the home. And a system that isn’t working as hard doesn’t use up as much energy. This translates to a lower electric bill, reduced risk of breakdown, and longer lifespan of the unit- so homeowners won’t need to repair or replace their unit as frequently, saving them lots of money.

Get Help From Local Experts- Magic Plumbing!

For the last four decades, homeowners have turned to Magic Plumbing for their plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. They even offer professional indoor air quality services in the San Francisco Bay Area! Their expert team of highly trained professionals is available to answer calls 24/7, so local residents can call with any questions they have.