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Make a Resolution for Your Home's Plumbing

Resolve To Give Plumbing the Attention It Deserves

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's easy to forget to do the simple tasks that are important to keeping a home safe and operating in good order. Spring cleaning projects are just around the corner, but for right now, homeowners can protect their homes by committing to paying special attention to their plumbing. By giving plumbing the care that it needs, homeowners can enjoy their plumbing for longer with fewer problems, and it all starts now with good resolutions. 

Look Into Professional Drain Cleaningcalendar

A variety of issues can cause drain problems. Clogs can form at any point in a drain system, including under fixtures or in the sewer main. Because of the various drain issues that can occur, plumbers have several go-to methods to address drain problems.

These methods include:

These techniques allow them to know what the underlying cause of sewer and drain issues may be. Depending on the technique they recommend, homeowners can be sure that the problem is solved. 

Drain cleaning technology has gotten so successful that many homes and businesses opt for routine cleaning to keep problems at bay. Routine cleaning allows a homeowner to know their drains are clean, and it allows plumbers to look for problems before they occur. 

Keep Bad Stuff Out of Toilets

An easy practice to ensure that drains and sewer lines stay free of debris is to keep a wastebasket in the bathroom near the toilet. Toilets are designed to break up waste and toilet paper when they flush, making the matter flow easier down the sewer pipes. Many products advertised as "flushable" don't break up inside the toilet and eventually stop flowing through sewer pipes, allowing a clog to form. 

Clogs that form this way may take a while to become apparent, but they can be very difficult to break loose when they do. By keeping debris out of the toilet and putting it in the trash, homeowners can save sewers from difficult clogs. Only flush waste and toilet paper!

Monitor for Leaks

Leaks can be the most costly plumbing problem because they tend to develop slowly and out of sight. People tend to forget that a leak doesn't take breaks or slow down. Leaks will steadily waste water 24 hours a day until they are fixed. The water wasted from even a small leak can add up to the repair cost in a short amount of time. 


Leaks are prone to causing extra damage along with the cost of repair and wastage. Mold, fungus, and insects all love the habitat created by excess moisture from leaks. Indeed, many termite infestations can be traced to leaks around the home. Professional plumbing inspections can help homeowners stay on top of leaks. They can also monitor their water bills for abnormally high usage to notice spikes caused by leaks. 

About Magic Plumbing

Magic Plumbing is a plumbing contractor based out of San Francisco since 1980. With fully-stocked trucks and prompt service, they can solve most problems in one trip. Regardless of the hour, a live person will answer calls and dispatch a plumber immediately for emergency drain service