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New Water Heater for a New Year!

Benefits of Water Heater Replacement 

One of the most common signs that a water heater needs to be replaced is rust-colored water. Another sign is a lack of hot water. Loud noises from the tank can also indicate that a replacement is due. These noises are usually caused by sediment build-up in the tank, which can reduce its efficiency and shorten its lifespan. 

A leaking tank is also a sign to replace a water heater, as it cannot hold the pressure of the hot water and could cause serious damage if left unchecked. Finally, if a water heater is over ten years old, it’s probably time to replace it with a newer model. This will ensure a safe and reliable water heater for many years to come. But if it’s time for a replacement, don’t worry! This blog will discuss the benefits of getting a new water heater. 

Cost and Energy Efficiency

As water heaters age, they become less efficient. This causes the heater to work harder for the same results, leading to increased energy bills for homeowners. Additionally, an old and outdated water heater may no longer be up to code with safety guidelines. 

Replacing an old water heater is one of the most effective ways to save money on energy bills. A new and more efficient water heater can help reduce monthly water heating costs while providing consistently hot water. More recent models are also safer due to their adherence to safety standards.

Recovery Rate of Hot Waterwater

A water heater's hot water recovery rate measures the time it takes for the water heater to completely heat a new batch of water after the hot water has been depleted. A water heater suffering from a compromised recovery rate will likely leave people taking a cold shower. 

Over time recovery rates of water heaters suffer to the point that they can no longer keep up with demands. A new water heater will have a better hot water recovery rate, so people won’t be stuck taking cold showers or having to wait a long time to shower after someone has used the hot water. 

Save Space

heaterToday’s water heaters are much more efficient than their predecessors and tend to take up less space. Tankless water heaters are an especially great choice for those with limited storage space in their homes. These small units can be mounted on walls and don't require a large amount of space as traditional tank water heaters do. This makes them perfect for garages, basements, closets - any spot with limited space that needs a water heater. 

Not only are tankless water heaters efficient and compact, but they can also save homeowners money on their energy bills since they only heat the water needed at any given time. Overall, tankless water heaters provide an excellent option for those needing to conserve space in their homes, and the energy savings can add up over time.

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