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Spring Party CANCELLED? Outdoor Plumbing Clogs Ruin the Fun

Don’t Allow Plumbing Fiascos to Rain on the Parade

A clogged drainage system can destroy the perfectly planned and set up garden party. No one wants to be walking around in puddles with their plate of finger foods. Not only can it ruin a gathering, but it can also damage a lawn. 

Homeowners work hard to keep their properties beautiful, and it should not be a surprise that the latest technology in plumbing provides a simple solution for clogs both indoors and outdoors. Heavy spring rains can wash mud and other debris into outdoor drains, which can clog pipes and cause yard flooding. This article will discuss how these problems occur and the solutions. 

Types of Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

There are almost as many fixtures for outdoor living as there are for indoor spaces. One normally thinks of hoses and irrigation systems, but outdoor showers are also a feature in some places. The main discussion in this instance, however, will be drainage systems. 

Underground drainage systems keep yards from flooding in the rainy season and keep them healthy by removing excess water and debris. There are several different types of pipes used for drainage systems, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 

  • Perforated Pipes: These pipes can collect water at several points and disperse the water throughout the yard, much like an irrigation system. These are more easily clogged with roots and such due to the perforations that provide dispersal.
  • Corrugated Pipes: These pipes are flexible and therefore have the advantage of needing fewer connecting points or joints. Due to their flexibility, they may be a less durable option.
  • PVC Pipes: This type of piping has been used for many years and is inexpensive and fairly durable. These are not flexible and need joints to turn, and they only drain the water, not allowing for the distribution to other parts of the yard.

Where Do Outside Clogs Come From?pipes

While homeowners usually associate clogs with the toilet or the garbage disposal in the kitchen, outdoor plumbing clogs can also present a problem. These types of clogs mainly consist of the following:

  • Plant roots
  • Mud
  • Leaves
  • Nests

These natural forms of detritus will clog pipes and flood a beautifully manicured lawn. A plumbing professional can quickly save the landscaping work with the simplest and most efficient form of clog removal: hydrojetting


Saving the Day (and the Yard): Hydrojetting

While there are several ways to get rid of clogs, most create collateral damage by weakening pipes. Chemical clog removers and snakes(routing tools) can cause enough corrosion to the pipes to shorten their functional lifespan. Hydrojetting is the best answer for these physical clogs. Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water to blast out clogs but does not in and of itself cause damage to pipes. 

Inserting a hose with a balloon-like attachment into the pipe, a plumbing professional will then force water through the hose. The balloon attachment will fill the pipe, so one can only force the high pressure of the water released in the direction of the clog. The valve opens and shoots through the clog, breaking it up and saving the day.  

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