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Spend a Relaxing Valentine's Day at Home With These Easy Self Care Tips

Have a Spa Day in Your Very Own Bathroom Oasis

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be a romantic affair with a significant other. While it would be nice to spend this special day with a loved one or receive sweet gifts like flowers and candy, don’t dismiss the pleasure of a relaxing day of self-care. 

Rather than joining the crowds of people fighting over a restaurant reservation or buying overpriced bouquets, jump in the shower or soak in the bathtub for an at-home spa day. It can be just as satisfying to spend this day pampering oneself, and the following self-care tips will ensure that Valentine’s Day will be a relaxing experience, all in the comfort of the home.

Baths Are Good for You

bathWhile taking baths may be primarily about cleaning and hygiene, there are many other benefits to this routine self-care activity. Baths are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. Regular baths can provide numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improved circulation, better sleep, reduced stress, and even lower blood pressure. 

Using bath salts or essential oils for aromatherapy can further enhance the experience. Essential oils with calming scents, like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood, can help to relax the mind and body. Adding bath salts to the water can help soothe sore muscles and promote better sleep. 

Overall, making time for a hot bath is an excellent way to nurture physical and mental well-being. Installing a bathtub or taking advantage of the bathtub already in a bathroom is a great way to create a spa-like oasis at home. 

Liven Up Bathtime With Colors 

Who says colors are purely aesthetic? Adding a splash of color in the bathroom can have more advantages than just making the space look pretty. Consider installing colored LED lights in the shower or bath, as studies have shown that the right colored lights have therapeutic effects on the body. This is called chromotherapy, wherein the healing benefits of colored light are harnessed and used to help people increase their energy while reducing tiredness, lessening sleep problems, managing pain, and stimulating the central nervous system.

Different colors can have different benefits, including: 

  • Magenta increases vitality by increasing blood pressure.
  • Orange eases tiredness and helps combat feelings of depression.
  • Blue is a stress reliever.  It is used to help alleviate muscle tension.
  • Yellow stimulates energy and enthusiasm.
  • Indigo activates creativity and imagination.

Luxury With a Rainshower

showerAnother way of upping a bathroom’s shower game is installing rain showerheads. Because of its bigger face and wider diameter, a rain shower head allows anyone standing under it to be fully covered by the flowing water, mimicking the way rain might fall outside. This creates a more relaxing and luxurious experience. A wide variety of rain showerheads are available - from the standard type to those with all the bells and whistles, including some with built-in LED lights and others with speakers.

At the proper temperatures, a shower can do many things. Cold showers are great for increasing blood flow and circulation as it constricts circulation on the body’s surface, allowing blood to move faster in the deeper tissues. It can also calm itchy skin and reduce muscle inflammation.  

On the other hand, hot showers are good for muscle relaxation and relieving any respiratory symptoms. Homeowners can take it up a notch by adding bath salts and essential oils for aromatherapy. Incorporating them into routine baths or showers can leave skin feeling softer and have a calming effect on moods.

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