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The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Call in a Professional 

Every DIY plumbing project starts the same way. A homeowner locates a problem and then types a few keywords into Google. A few YouTube videos later, they’re headed to the hardware store, confident they can fix the problem. A few days go by when that once small problem suddenly becomes unbearable. What went wrong? 

When an unexpected plumbing problem arises, it’s time to consult a professional plumber. These experts rely on years of training to quickly identify and efficiently fix problems. If a homeowner is wondering why they should have a professional inspect an issue, they should consider the following. 

DIY Mistakes Cost More Money Than Professional Help 

diyThese days, everyone’s trying to save money wherever they can. For some people, that means patching problems around the house as they arise. This may stave off disaster for a little while. However, it’s only a matter of time before an expert opinion is needed. 

If a homeowner’s considering fixing a plumbing problem on their own, they should consider: 

  • The cost of tools. The items in basic toolkits may not be enough to fix a plumbing problem. Plumbers rely on specialized equipment that isn’t necessarily on a hardware store shelf. For instance, a plumber may use a drain snake with a camera to find an underground clog. This item can cost hundreds of dollars, which alone could be more than professional fees for the service. 
  • Some repairs need permits. Many counties (including San Francisco County) require homeowners to pull permits before making certain repairs. If one doesn’t have the right paperwork in order, they could incur fines and various coding violations. 
  • The cost of secondary damage. A homeowner may try to fix one problem, only to cause another by accident. Then another. As one can imagine, this can get complicated and expensive quickly––even affecting multiple systems. 

Consulting a Local Plumber Saves Time and Frustration 

time Plumbers do more than fix problems. They use their years of experience to catch problems before they begin. For example, a plumber may fix a leak under the sink and then notice serious water damage under the counter. In that instance, they can offer insight into preventing mold growth and managing the issue. 

They can also offer personalized preventative maintenance tips, which may involve: 

  • Regularly cleaning the drains 
  • Replacing the showerhead 
  • Monitoring the home’s water faucet 
  • Refraining from pouring grease, oils, and fats down the drain 

A professional can also share the warning signs of urgent plumbing problems. This allows issues to be caught before damage can worsen, and more time-consuming repairs are necessary, saving homeowners time and frustration. For instance, if one has mushrooms or plants growing in the bathroom, this could point to an underground leak––a serious problem. 

Plumbers Offer Peace of Mind 

Not just anyone can call themselves a plumber. Becoming a plumbing professional involves getting licensed, maintaining liability insurance, and passing certain exams. When one hires a professional, they can rest assured that an expert has examined the problem and rendered appropriate repairs. 

With an expert’s help, homeowners don’t have to worry about a minor issue evolving into a huge problem. And if it does, the homeowners are not financially responsible because of insurance. This gives homeowners peace of mind that their plumbing is in good hands and they are protected in case of an accident. 

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