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This Mothers Day, Treat Mom To a Relaxing Spa Day at Home!

3 Ways To Effortlessly Turn Any Bathroom into a Mother’s Luxurious Oasis

Mother's Day is the perfect time to show moms appreciation and love. What better way to do this than with a relaxing spa day in their luxury bath oasis? So many small changes can effortlessly turn a bathroom into a personal paradise, perfect for relaxing!

Here are some upgrades that will elevate a bathroom. Homeowners can reach out to a bathroom remodeling contractor about the upgrades and products best for their bathroom space.

1. Use an Advanced Showerheadshower

Advanced and technological showerheads are gorgeous, but they also offer various features that make relaxing easy. Currently, there are SMART showerheads powered by Bluetooth and a wif-fi connection that also utilize built-in speakers. 

The built-in speakers used in a shower upgrade are waterproof with clear sound. Other great bathroom design ideas include installing LED lights, water filtration systems, and calming rain showers.

Gone are the older showerhead models with only two to three variations. Now, homeowners can enjoy their home spa by creating a relaxing environment with a rain shower or lighting.

2. Add a Relaxing Bathtubbathtub

For days when showers are just not relaxing enough, homeowners should enjoy a relaxing and technologically advanced bath. Different bathtub designs have room for installing Bluetooth speakers, lights, and more like showerheads.

A popular bathtub model is a freestanding bathtub. This design is great because there are no sharp corners, meaning a homeowner can comfortably lay down in the water without falling in. One drawback to this design is that it can be slippery and harder to get out of.

Something interesting to note is that homeowners can call bathroom contractors for a quick and easy bathtub installation that uses jets. Jets produce strong streams of water that feel amazing and can reduce back pain, but the negative about water jets in bathtubs is that they require frequent deep cleaning.

3. Upgrade To a Peaceful Zen Style

The first thing that homeowners should focus on when starting their bathroom remodel is finding a style or aesthetic they want to embody in their space.

When most people think of updating their bathrooms, they forget about the style and smaller features like a bathroom sink upgrade. Homeowners looking to create a zen style and vibe in their bathroom should consider installing new fixtures like sinks and faucets.

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