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Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation San Francisco, CA

Renovating your bathroom can improve the overall impression of your home. Building value and creating a relaxing and functional room you can enjoy any time. At Magic Plumbing, we specialize in full bathroom renovations, including toilet replacement, bathroom repiping, showers, tubs, sinks, faucets and fixtures.

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Create a Strong Foundation with Repiping

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, make sure you start strong with a solid piping system. Older pipes can create problems in a new bathroom. By repiping the bathroom, you are making sure all your new fixtures will work properly and can be completely integrated into the plan of your new bathroom.

Add New Fixtures for Ultimate Effect

One of the easiest bathroom updates you can do is installing new fixtures. Whether you are replacing old and malfunctioning faucets or upgrading to new, modern taps for design purposes, Magic Plumbing has the eye to provide you with functional and beautiful fixtures that will make a lasting impression in your new bathroom.

Why Install a New Tub or Shower?

Every major bathroom renovation would not be complete without a new tub or shower, it’s the centerpiece of the room. Some of the most common reasons homeowners decide to upgrade their tub or shower include:

  • Upgrading from old, dingy showers or tubs
  • Replacement due to cracks and leaks
  • To complete a renovation

At Magic Plumbing we provide our clients with the best options in showers and tubs, with completely customizable designs, you can have a unique bathroom that is functional and beautiful.

Reasons to Replace your Toilet

As one of the most used plumbing units in your home, your toilet will see a lot of wear and tear and will probably need replacing at some point in its lifetime. If you notice the following issues with your toilet, it may be time to replace it.

  • Cracks or leaks in the bowl
  • Constantly running
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Difficulty flushing

Newer, more modern toilets are more environmentally friendly, most even come with two flushing options and will use less water all around. Your trusted San Francisco plumber can advise you on the best toilet to meet your family’s specific needs.

When you call Magic Plumbing for your bathroom remodeling job, you can expect individualized service to help you create a unique, beautiful and functional bathroom you can be proud of. Call 415-441-2255 today for a quote.