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Slab Leak Repair

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Suspect a slab leak? Take action now with quick and efficient San Francisco slab leak repair. Speak to the experts at Magic Plumbing. Call 415-441-2255 now. Find out how you can save on your next call with our special offers and coupons.

Slab leaks can cause serious damage to your home. Call the professionals at Magic Plumbing as soon as you suspect a slab leak. Our expert technicians have over 30 years experience in dealing with slab leaks in the San Francisco, CA area. Don’t wait until the damage is done, call right away.

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Signs of a Slab Leak

If you notice any of the following signs, call an expert right away. You could be experiencing a slab leak.

  • Hearing the sound of running water coming from your walls
  • Noticing mold growing on your walls, ceiling or floor
  • Water stains
  • Feeling warm or cold spots on your walls or floor
  • Standing water near the foundation
  • Noticing a higher than normal bill

Main Causes of Slab Leaks

There are many reasons a slab leak can appear. Most reasons are to do with the condition of your pipes. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Corroded pipes. Chemical drain cleaners can add to this issue.
  • Changing temperatures in the ground, causing the water in your pipes to expand or retract. This could cause the pipes to rub against the rebar, concrete or other pipes. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your pipe.
  • Sudden changes to the ground from earthquakes can also cause pipes to rupture or disconnect.

A slab leak can happen to a home of any age, so it’s vital to keep an eye out for the signs.

Why are Slab Leaks Dangerous?

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to slab leaks. Thinking that a leak under the foundation of their home is of no concern and will not negatively impact their home. Nothing can be more further from the truth. As water under your foundation drains away, it will also take with it some of the dirt that supports your home. Over time, structural damage can occur from a slab leak.

When you call Magic Plumbing for slab leak repair, we will use special instruments to discover the location of the leak and then will be able to repair the burst pipe efficiently. Most slab leaks occur in the elbow joints of pipes, since this is the weakest point of the pipe, but they can occur anywhere along the line. Only a professional can safely and effectively locate the issue with minimal damage.

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