Heating Installation in San Francisco

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Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Replaced

While replacing a heater can be overwhelming as you determine financing options and select a new heating system, it can be a lot less stressful to replace the unit before it completely malfunctions. Before you wake up to a chilly house this winter, be proactive and watch for the following signs that it’s time to replace your heating system:

  • Age: Is your heating unit getting to the end of its lifespan? If so, you might want to start looking at newer models.
  • Multiple Repairs: If you’re scheduling repairs frequently, it might be time to replace the heater instead of investing more money into ongoing fixes.
  • Increase in Utility Bills: An increase in your utility bills could signal your heater is not as efficient as it should be, and is using too much energy.
  • Cracked Heat Exchanger: A cracked heat exchanger can be very dangerous to you and your home. This can signal an urgent need to replace your heating system.
  • Cannot Heat Your Home Properly: If your home doesn’t seem to be heating to the desired temperature, you could need a new heating system than can properly keep up with the demand.

Benefits of Installing a Modern Central Heating System

Installing a new heating system can bring many benefits to you and your home. One of the advantages is that newer heaters are more energy efficient than older models. Newer systems can help reduce your utility bills and benefit the environment. They also provide better air quality inside your home, which can benefit your family’s health. Installing a new system also gives increased comfort throughout your house, and even heating throughout the home to ensure each room is at a desired temperature.

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Common Heating System Problems

Just like any appliance or system in your home, from time-to-time you might encounter problems with your heating system that require repairs. Some common issues can include:

  • Uneven Heating: If you are noticing different areas of your home are cold, it can be a sign your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Unexpectedly Shuts Down: If your heater is shutting on and off frequently -- without being triggered -- it could indicate faulty wiring, a failing pilot light or a broken thermostat.
  • Takes too Long to Heat: If your home is taking longer than usual to heat up, and turning up the thermostat doesn’t help, then it could signal leaky air ducts in your home, a damaged fan motor, or an issue with a belt or bearing.

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