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Repiping Services San Francisco, CA

The thought of repiping your home can be daunting at first. No one wants to take on a huge project like that. With Magic Plumbing you can expect to work with a company that will handle your repiping project with efficiency and skill. With over 30 years of experience in the San Francisco, CA area, we can work with you to make repiping your home as painless as possible.

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Repairing Vs. Repiping

Many homeowners will get scared at the idea of repiping their home, and will try to repair their pipes instead. In some cases, repairing makes more sense. But if you are experiencing recurring issues, or are living with old piping, it actually makes more sense to repipe.

Most modern piping systems are built to anticipate repairs. Small leaks can be easily repaired with little cost to the homeowner. If you are on the fence about repiping or repairing your pipes, talk to your trusted plumbing professional. At Magic Plumbing, we will always give you our honest opinion with all the best options for your individual case.

Signs a Repipe is Definitely Needed

While some issues can be better resolved with a pipe repair, if you are experiencing any of the following issues, you should definitely consider repiping.

  • Change in water color
  • Strange smell coming from water
  • Higher than normal or rising water bills
  • Loss of water pressure

Choosing the Right Pipe

There are two standards in the plumbing industry when it comes to piping material. Both have different advantages and disadvantages. Your trusted San Francisco plumber can help decide which one is best for you.


  • Copper piping has been the standard in the industry for its durability and the way it neutralizes a “metal” taste in water.
  • This type of piping will last longer than PEX and will not sag at the joints.
  • One of the only downsides is that it is more expensive to install.


  • Made from a newer material that is flexible, PEX piping will also neutralize a “metal” taste in water.
  • It is less likely to freeze or burst in extreme conditions.
  • It is Resistant to acidic substances.
  • PEX costs less to install.
  • The only downsides are that PEX cannot be exposed to outdoors because it can be damaged by UV rays, and it also cannot be directly connected to a water heater.

If you are experiencing recurring problems with your San Francisco, CA pipes, call 415-441-2255 and ask us about our repiping services. At Magic Plumbing we will always give you sound advice and honest prices. Call now!