Furnace Installation in San Francisco

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Replacing a furnace can be stressful, especially when it goes out in the middle of winter. Put your mind at ease by hiring a licensed and insured furnace installation company. When you need a furnace replacement, work with our highly trained heating pros to ensure accurate installation. Serving the San Francisco area since 1980, Magic Plumbing has local experience to get the job done right.

Not yet sure if you need to replace your furnace yet? Our technicians can advise if furnace repair might be the better option.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to determine whether you should keep repairing your furnace or if it’s time to replace the unit. Fortunately, there are signs to help guide your decision. One symptom to watch for is a loss of efficiency -- which can show up in higher utility bills. Another signal is if the furnace has needed multiple repairs recently. Work with your furnace contractor to determine if it makes more sense to replace the unit rather than continuing to invest money in repairs. A sure sign it’s time to replace the furnace is if there is a crack in the unit. A crack can result in a carbon monoxide leak, which is a dangerous situation for you and your family.

What Are Common Furnace Issues?

Occasionally, furnaces need repairs. While some problems can be solved by you (like a dirty filter), others will require a furnace contractor. Some common issues can include the following:

  • Dirty or Clogged Filters: Dirty or clogged filters can cause your furnace to malfunction. Replacing the filter regularly -- ideally at least every three months -- can lessen the load on the furnace.
  • Mechanical Wear and Tear: Furnaces can lose efficiency and develop frequent issues as the furnace ages. It can be more cost-effective to replace the furnace if you need to have it repaired regularly.
  • Malfunctioning Thermostat: If you notice the temperature in your home doesn’t match the temperature set on your thermostat, then you should call a furnace repair company to investigate the issue.
  • Inadequate Airflow: Disrupted airflow can cause your unit to overheat. If you suspect you have limited airflow you should call a furnace maintenance company immediately to inspect the unit and air ducts.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leak: If you suspect you have a carbon monoxide leak, immediately leave your home and call a furnace contractor to quickly assess the situation. Signs of a carbon monoxide leak include if the furnace flame turns from blue to yellow, an excessive amount of condensation on your windows, or if you feel ill.

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Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

When you install a new furnace you have the peace-of-mind of knowing you have a sound unit that likely won’t break down unexpectedly. New furnaces also include convenient features and updates. They are also much more energy efficient and less noisy. Contact our team of HVAC pros to help you find the right furnace to fit your needs and budget.

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