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Water Softener System Installation & Repair San Francisco, CA

Hard water does more harm than simply tasting bad. The plumbing in your home can suffer serious damage from hard water. Magic Plumbing specializes in the installation and repair of water softener systems. With over 30 years of experience in the San Francisco, CA area, our expert plumbers can recommend the best water softener solution for your home.

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How Does a Water Softener Work?

We call water “hard” when it has high levels of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. Water becomes hard from the soil and rock surround it. When the hard water enters your home it can taste bad and also damage your plumbing and create other household problems.

A water softener works by running the hard water through a separate tank filled with salt. The salt creates what is known as a brine solution and will neutralize the magnesium and calcium in the hard water, making it safe to drink and better all around for your home.

Why is Hard Water Bad?

While almost everyone will agree that hard water has a bad taste and smell, that is not the worst effect of it. Some of the more damaging products of hard water include:

  • Difficulty Washing - Hard water makes it more difficult for soaps to lather. With hard water you will have more difficulty washing dishes, doing laundry and even showering. Hard water creates a sticky scum that is also hard to clean off.
  • Scale - Your plumbing is also at risk with hard water. Scale is the dissolved calcium and magnesium that will build up in your plumbing, putting your water heater, pipes and other plumbing units at risk of being clogged or damaged by the scale.

Signs you Could Benefit from a Water Softener

If you experience any of the following signs in your home, you could benefit from a water softener:

  • Noticing scale buildup on your fixtures
  • Yellow or brown stains on your clothes when they come out of the wash
  • Bad smelling and tasting water
  • Difficulty getting soap to lather

If you experience any of these issues, call the experts at Magic Plumbing right away. Our experts can assess your plumbing and water and recommend the best water softening system for you.

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