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Celebrate Clean Water In National Wellness Month

Every August we celebrate National Wellness month. National Wellness month is designed to take some time to focus on our well being. Whether that be self-care, managing stress, or working on healthy habits, it’s a time to focus on the good of us all.

As busy adults, however, it can be difficult to add in an entire month of wellness. A busy business owner, for example, may not have all the time in the world for yoga, stress management, and healthy eating all at once. So what is a good alternative?

Start with something small that can make a big difference! Water, for example, is a great place to start. Preserving water, taking an active stand on providing yourself with fresh clean water, and knowing the dangers of water is a cause worth of National Wellness Month!

Water and Plumbing

plumbingservicesFor a century now, we have had the luxury of running water in our homes. Though we no longer think of running water in our homes as a luxury, we have realized the necessity of it; and with that came the profession of plumbing.

Plumbers are the people who keep our indoor water services running smoothly. Without their efforts and knowhow, we would not have working washing machines, dishwashers, or toilets and sinks that drained. They promote water safety!

It is because of all of these modern technologies that plumbing is in such high demand. To aid in the plumber’s plight, it’s important to keep a lookout for plumbing trouble before they begin. Practicing good plumbing habits such as not pouring grease down the drain, not using chemical solutions to unclog drains, and using a debris catcher in your sink will only add to the benefits of having fresh water at your fingertips.

Use A Water Filter

Making use of a water filter at home is another great way to be more conscious of water safety. Though our towns and cities do their best to filter our water and remove harmful containments, unfortunately, it can still happen. Using a water filter will also cut down on the amount of bottled water you need to purchase; thus also helping the environment.

Here are a few different types of water filters available:

  • waterfiltersActivated Carbon- This is an absorption filter that collects anything harmful in the water when it passes over the carbon. Activated carbon filters work best for removing larger particles.
  • UV Filters- This is a newer technology where ultraviolet light is used to destroy bacteria.
  • Reverse Osmosis-By far one of the most popular ways to filter water, this works by water being sent through a membrane with small pores. Anything harmful in the water is caught in the pores, and the clean water passes through.
  • Alkaline Filters- A process called electrolysis is used where the water is passed over an electrically charged plate. This results in two new bodies of water; one is alkaline and one is acidic.
  • Water Distillation- This form of filtering water is by simply boiling the water and collecting the residual steam. The steam will turn back to water and be pure.

Water Safety Concerns

waterleaksWhen you think of water safety concerns your first though probably jumps to swimming. We all know never to swim alone, don’t go out over your head, and to swim horizontally to the shoreline.

Though this is a great water safety concern, there are some other issues that can fall under the radar. One such concern is water leaks. Though they can be a nuisance, and cause costly repairs, they can also cause health risks.

Water leaks, that are not addressed and cleaned up, and lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can cause serious health risks. Another risk to consider is hard water concerns. Hard water is due to mineral buildup in your water. Not only will this make those nasty while scally stains on your bathroom fixtures, but the mineral build-up can cause problems in your pipes and appliances.

Knowing How To Help

There are many ways you can address water safety and wellness during National Wellness Month. One of the most important ways, however, is to maintain your water fixtures by relying on a professional plumber to maintain and repair them.

As we move forward with technological advances, it’s important to make sure they are being taken care of and working correctly. Magic Plumbing is dedicated to water safety and conservation. We are available to answer all of your questions! Give us a call today at (415) 441-2255. Our team members are standing by and ready to assist you. Call us today!


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