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Conserve Water This Summer with Fun Activities

With summer in full swing, your family is busy soaking up the sunshine and seeking ways to stay cool on the hottest summer days.

However, it’s also an important time of year to highlight the necessity of water conservation and how your family can do their part in preserving our most precious resource.

Whether you are actively seeking ways to do your part in conserving water in your state to lower the risk of drought, or simply want to lower your water bill this summer, here are some water-conscious tips and tricks that will help you and your family reduce your water usage.

Playing with Water Hoses and Sprinklers

kids are playing with sprinklers For children young and old, or just people who are children at heart, water play with water hoses and sprinklers are often some of the most memorable summer moments.

We all know just how cool and refreshing a good spray of water can be on the hottest of days, but often forget that these activities can waste a lot of water.

Thankfully, there are ways that you can still enjoy these activities while being aware of how much water you’re using. Consider investing in a high-efficiency spray nozzle for your hose to control your water usage while washing the car with your child. If you have a large garden to water, set up the sprinkler for a limited time and let your child run through it as the water is doing its job.

Other Examples of Fun Outdoor Water Activities

Other than sprinkler or hose play, here are some other ways to keep cool while being water-efficient:

full water barrel

  • Get outside and play in the rain
  • Invest in a rain barrel to save rainwater and use it to make water balloons or clean your child’s toys with biodegradable soap
  • If you do purchase a pool, make sure that it is equipped with a lid so that water evaporation is minimized

How to Conserve Water While Having Fun

limit water consumptionKids learn best when their minds are engaged and entertained by what they’re learning. Water conservation Bingo even turns water-saving activities into a fun game!

Create a bingo card with your child, and fill it up with water-conserving practices, such as keeping a shower under 5 minutes, turning off the tap while brushing teeth, or choosing to have a quick shower rather than a bath.
When your child fills up their bingo card completely, you can treat them to a movie out of the house, their favorite sweet treat, or a couple nights off from chore duty.

With fun games like this, you can turn water conservation into a fun game that can be built into the everyday routine.

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