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Discover New Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Remodel Your Bathroom for the New Year

San Francisco, CA Bathroom-Remodeling-ServicesWhen it’s time to make your New Year’s resolution, place bathroom remodeling at the top of the list.

Bathroom remodeling gives a dated bathroom today’s look.

There are five inventive ways to remodel your San Francisco home bathroom for the New Year. These include:

  • Redesign the location of bathroom sinks and tubs
  • Exchange an old fashioned tub for a hot tub
  • Replace bathroom sinks
  • Add a bidet or a combination toilet and bidet
  • Upgrade old faucets and toilets to new touch styles

Redesigning the Location of Bathroom Sinks and Tubs

Before any remodeling is done, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional plumber with experienced in bathroom remodeling. Their expertise in this type of remodeling can resolve a lot of technical plumbing issues that can’t be completed with DIY methods.

Exchanging an Old Fashioned Tub for a Hot Tub

This is one of those remodeling projects where the licensed plumber is a big asset. It involves special technical knowledge of hot tub installation and also the type of piping needed. If a hot tub isn’t possible, check with your plumbing professional on the type of tub design that best suits your bathroom configuration.

Replace the Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks are always the first to make the bathroom appear old and dated. This is especially true with array of new sinks available.

Consult with your plumber on whether you need a double sink with oval under-mounts, a countertop or one of the ultra modern square sinks that are great space savers. These all need to be installed by a plumber.

Add a Bidet or Combination Toilet and Bidet

For the New Year, add a bidet to your bathroom. There are also combination toilets and bidets that your San Francisco plumber can easily install. This is one of those New Year’s resolutions you’ve been wanting for a long time. Now is the time.

Upgrade Old Faucets and Toilets to New Touch Styles

Nothing says “Happy New Year!” like replacing old faucets and toilets. Upgrade to toilets with touch flush handles and faucets with touch style taps. This is the ultimate in remodeling luxury and will ring in the New Year with just the right elegance for your bathroom.

Ring Out the Old and Ring in the New Bathroom Remodeling Plan

When midnight strikes and your New Year’s resolutions are complete, ring out the old style bathroom and ring in the new bathroom modeling plan with a toast to your plumbing professional.

Are you looking to remodel your San Francisco, CA home bathroom? Wait no more, and Call Magic Plumbing at (415) 441-2255 to see if your bathroom needs a new fresh look.

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