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Do You Want to Spend Your Valentine’s Day With Your Plumber?

What kinds of plans do you have for this Valentine’s Day? Are you planning to spend the night in with a loved one, or go out to a nice restaurant? Are you going on a first date, or preparing to ask your long-time love a very important question this Valentine’s Day?

While taking your relationship to the next level is very exciting, it’s important that you consider all of the consequences that getting married, or even moving in together, can have on your plumbing.

Because plumbing is usually the last thing on your mind around Valentine’s Day, we’ve thought of it for you. Let’s take a look at what living with another person could mean for your bathroom plumbing.

Check Your Bathroom Plumbing

bathroomplumbingWe all remember that classic children’s book from years ago called “Everybody Poops,” right?

Well, now would be a good time to consider what that means to you as an adult. This person you’re planning to live with is (we assume) human, so they will also need to use the toilet.

An extra person using our bathroom plumbing creates additional strain your toilet, sink, and shower plumbing. Double the toilet use presumably means double the chances of you experiencing a clog. Make sure that you are prepared for this before sharing your home and bathroom with someone else.

Beware of The Dreaded Shower Clog

showerclogAnother potential issue that sharing a bathroom could cause is a higher likelihood of experiencing a clogged shower or sink drains. Consider this:

If your significant other has hair (and if they are human, they definitely do) then you are potentially exposing your shower drains to twice as much hair, or maybe more, as it is used to handling. Drain screens can help with this, but twice as many showers also mean twice as much water usage.

The same is true for your sinks. Assuming your significant other practices good hygiene, you’re looking at more toothpaste, hand soap, hair, and even dry skin particles, going down your drains every day. With so much more usage, it’s not surprising that moving in could lead to more sink and shower clogs.

You Can Always Call Your Professional Plumber

proplumberPlease don’t say that we’ve made you reconsider your big plans for Valentine’s Day! That was not our intention. We just want you to make the best possible choices regarding your bathroom plumbing.

Partnering with the knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals at Magic Plumbing is a great way to do that. Whether your bathroom is going to be shared by one or even two more, the professional plumbers at Magic Plumbing will always remain loyal.

In all seriousness, we hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whatever your plans are. Remember that if you’re going on a date tonight, it’s important to show the other person that you care about them and their lives. Do you know what might be a great way to show someone you care? By sharing useful information, like the plumbing information in this article, with them! It will let them know that their comfort in their home is important to you.


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