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Don’t Make Dad Fix Plumbing Problems You Caused

Let’s face it – you’ve probably put your dad (and mom, for that matter) through a lot over the years. And, unfortunately, part of being a kid is that you don’t appreciate all the trouble you cause or all the times that your mom or dad helps get you out of it until much later in life.

Seemingly, it’s impossible to make it through parenthood without some serious plumbing problems. Plenty of times, it was probably your parents who had to deal with the aftermath of whatever chaos you created. However, in light of Father’s Day, let’s let the professionals deal with some of the crazy plumbing problems you probably created as a child.

Problem #1: You Broke the Toilet

Most likely, your parents don’t even want to know how this happened but the problem remains: there is a broken toilet and it needs to be replaced. This can be the kind of thing that seems like it would be an easy do-it-yourself fix but it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. There are some potential issues with toilet replacement that can make this project a potential nightmare.

  • personalinjuriesSewer Gases: Obviously, when you remove an old toilet, you are exposing your air to potentially harmful sewer gasses. These gasses displace the oxygen in the room and cause lethargy and a dangerous situation. Simple oversights can make a seemingly simple job very complex.
  • Unstable Foundation: If the old toilet leaked or if other renovations have been done to the bathroom, the stability of the toilet can be in question, possibly requiring minor floor repair. Also, the hardware needed can change based on the required situation and can be an aggravating and difficult situation for amateur installers.
  • Damaging the Toilet: There are plenty of ways that a DIY installer can cause damage in the process. One of the easiest is tightening the toilet seat. Leave it too loose and it will be easy for someone to hurt themselves or for the seat to crack from too much motion. Too tight and the seat can crack from the tension.

With these in mind, the job of installing a toilet is best left to a pro.

Problem #2: The Pipes Sprang a Leak

pipeducttapeTo be fair, this problem probably wasn’t your fault but it still happens all the time. The first inclination when facing as pipe leak is to, obviously, stop the leak as quickly as possible.

The instinct may be to turn to a tried and trusted friend, in a roll of duct tape. While this can be an effective short term solution, the problem isn’t solved. Duct tape is not made for this job long term. Make sure to call a pro to ensure that the problem doesn’t come back with a vengeance.

Problem #3: Something Went Down the Drain

snakedrainingWhat kid isn’t fascinated with the power of the toilet & faucets to make things disappear? Chances are, at some point, something has gone the toilet that shouldn’t have, causing a clog or some other issue… making it drain cleaning time!

If that’s the case, it can be tempting to think that a drain snake that you can pick up at any hardware store will be able to get the job done. However, your pipes aren’t one size fits all. Using an improper snake can cause damage to the snake or to the pipes themselves, potentially causing leaks.

While part of being a parent is bailing your kids out of trouble, on occasion, when it comes to plumbing, its best to let the pros. If you have one of these issues pop up, feel free to call an expert at Magic Plumbing by calling us at (415) 441-2255.


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