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What Experts Recommend For Your 2017 Winter Checklist

The winter temperatures are arriving, and with them, you’re likely going to experience higher heating costs and cooler air in your San Francisco, CA home.

It’s the time of the year when thousands of homeowners start looking for ways to consolidate their heating costs. And so, in this latest post, we’ll explain more on how to save on heating this winter system, and on safeguarding your home, as we highlight your winter checklist for 2017.

Start by Checking Ventilation and Insulation

Insulated HomeThe air coming into your home can significantly reduce the temperature. And so, it’s important that you have the highest quality insulation to keep warm air inside and keep cool air out.

Make sure that you analyze each part of your home insulation ready for winter. Take the time to fill any gaps in the material and speak with specialists directly if you notice heating bills rise over the winter. This could indicate a small hole exists.

Remember to have your home ventilation systems expertly cleaned to ensure that your home heating equipment doesn’t have to push air through dust and other contaminants. Taking on the task now will help you save hundreds of dollars on home heating during winter.

Check Your Home Alarms

Smoke Alarm Check It’s now the ideal time to check your home smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The smoke alarm is of critical importance during the winter season because it’s now the time of the year most families spend more time cooking inside.

Make sure that you check the batteries in the smoke alarm regularly before the winter begins. And ensure all family members know exactly how to use the system. You should also test your carbon monoxide alarm, particularly if you have a fireplace in use throughout the winter season.


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