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Frequently Asked Questions About Trenchless Sewer Replacement

There’s nothing worse for a homeowner than the prospect of a problem with the sewer line that results in sewage backing up into the house. Homeowners also seemed to dread the prospect of repairing or replacing their sewer line just as much, worrying that it will cause extensive damage to their existing landscaping and lawns.

In order to demystify the process of trenchless sewer line repair and replacement, we’ve assembled some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get on the subject.

Q: There’s A Problem with My Sewer Line. Is It Going To Be Necessary To Dig In Order To Find What And Where The Trouble Is?

A: The first step with any sewer trouble is assessing the exact extent and location of the problem. To achieve this, we utilize tiny waterproof video cameras that can travel through the sewer line to find the exact nature of the problem so that we can determine the most appropriate next steps.

Q: If I Have Cracks Or Leaks In My Sewer Line, Will You Have To Dig Up My Entire Front Lawn And Damage My Landscaping To Fix It?

A: When the video inspection reveals a sewer line that has cracks or leaks but has not yet collapsed entirely, the best course of action is often a solution sometimes known as cured-in-place pipe restoration.

This process does not require extensive digging and uses a flexible lining tube that has been saturated with resin. The tube is inserted into the existing pipe and, using specialized equipment, it is pressurized so that it adheres seamlessly to the walls of the old pipe. The resin is then allowed to dry, leaving a new solid pipe inside the old one that is structurally solid and will last for decades.

Q: My Sewer Line Is Beyond Repair And Needs To Be Replaced. How Much Digging Will Be Needed?

A: When the damage to the sewer line is too extensive for a repair to be completed, replacement is the only remaining viable option. Previously, that meant digging a trench, pulling out the damaged pipe and installing a new sewer line. Now, the replacement can be installed far less invasively.

Two small holes are dug at either end of the damaged line. Then, a steel expander head slightly larger in diameter than the old pipe is pulled through shattering the existing pipe and pushing its pieces into the soil while simultaneously dragging the new replacement pipe behind it. Once the new pipe is in place,

both ends are reconnected and it’s ready for use.

Q: Are trenchless repairs and replacements more expensive?

A: While trenchless solutions utilize more advanced technologies, they have the benefit of being faster to complete than traditional methods that require extensive excavation. Additionally, they are completed with less labor. As a result, they are affordable solutions, particularly when you consider the cost of repairing your lawn and re-landscaping your yard.

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