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How Sinks Are Installed on Granite Countertops

Many homeowners in San Francisco, CA are increasing the value of their properties by upgrading their kitchens. A popular way they’re doing this is by installing a new sink with granite countertops. It can add a bit of class to your home, but the project isn’t without difficulties. Granite is extremely expensive and can be precarious to cut. A tiny mistake can set your project way back.

Hiring the services of a good kitchen plumbing company can play a pivotal role in this renovation. Luckily, we’re here to teach you what’s involved in this type of installation. These are some of the things you need to know about fitting your granite countertops with a new sink.

Don’t Make an Attempt On Your Own

It’s important for people to understand that they shouldn’t attempt to handle this project on their own. Homeowners rarely have access to the special tools that are used for cutting granite. Using regular tools to try this by yourself could be dangerous.

If you hire a kitchen plumbing contractor, they will have access to the right supplies and be able to take care of everything. It’s also possible they may offer to replace broken counters in the event of a mistake or accident.

Be Sure to Find a Good Sink

One key part of the installation process is finding a sink that’s right for your kitchen. It has to fit within the limited amount of counter space you have while also serving its desired function.

If the sink is too small, it won’t be suitable for a busy kitchen’s need, and if it’s too large, it may be a challenge to accommodate.

There must also be enough room to put in faucet fixtures. Go to your local hardware store’s kitchen plumbing section to browse a variety of products. Take your time to review all of the options and pick the sink that suits your needs and style.

Measurements Have to Be Exact

After you decide on a new sink, it’s time to take measurements for the holes that need to be cut in the granite. These need to be correct, or else the entire project may be set back in time and money.

The style of sink you buy will affect your measurements. A fair sized hole will be necessary for top-mount sinks to fit through the granite and into the cabinets. These cabinets are secured with caulking around the rim that rests on the counter.

Undermount styles need a hole the same size as the sink because they’re designed to fit directly under your granite. Any faucets and taps that you buy will also need openings to be made. Trace the outline of your sink carefully, verify the dimensions are accurate, create the opening, and easily slide your sink in place. Now enjoy your new kitchen!


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