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Key Factors for Remodeling Your Bathroom

A freshly remodeled bathroom changes the whole aspect of a home. The bathroom becomes a more inviting place and gives homeowners the impression of being in a new home, all without the hassle of having to relocate.

In addition, bathroom remodeling projects, when undertaken by an experienced and professional plumbing company,  pay dividends in many ways. Different people have varied reasons for upgrading their bathrooms, but the following 10 reasons for bathroom remodeling highlight the benefits that all San Francisco homeowners can reap from such a venture.

Increasing the Value of the Property

1) A complete bathroom upgrade by a skilled professional adds significant value to a home. Depending on the work undertaken, a conservative estimate is that bathroom remodeling can add $10,000 to the value of the property. It can even lead to a quicker sale when the house is placed on the market.

2) A professional San Francisco plumbing company can change the fittings and fixtures in a bathroom to incorporate newer, more modern and energy-efficient shower heads, faucets and low-flow toilets. Homeowners will save on water and fuel bills. The cost of having the work done will soon pay for itself in savings, and a greener, more energy efficient home will increase in value.

3) The installation of under-floor heating is an aspect of bathroom upgrades that should not be considered a luxury. It should be a necessity. It is extremely shocking to one’s body to place bare feet on a cold floor on winter mornings. Space heaters are a no-no in bathrooms, so under-floor heating makes perfect sense. Radiant heating is a great feature that would be sure to increase the market value of any house.

Bathroom Upgrade Safety Features

4) Older bathrooms can be unsafe due to leaks and mold build-up, old electrical wiring, condensation, slippery flooring and out-dated tubs and stalls. As such, safety concerns are one of the main reasons for remodeling the bathroom. Plumbing contractors can install showers without curbs and slip-resistant floors to increase bathroom safety.

5) Many people are choosing to age-in-place. As such, bathrooms usually need to be remodeled to take account of homeowners’ needs as they become senior citizens. Contractors generally include the following considerations:

  •  Easy access tubs and showers, especially ones with seats
  •  Handle bars in shower stalls and on walls
  •  Wide bathroom doors to allow for wheelchair access
  •  Height-appropriate commodes and vanities
  •  Easy open and close faucets
  •  Ample lighting

Ultimately, a custom-designed bathroom that incorporates all of the above elements makes perfect sense for people who plan to be in their homes long-term.

6) Bathrooms are a source of near constant moisture. Old, broken tiles or peeling wallpaper is a health concern in that they could harbor molds and mildew. Wallpaper is never a good idea in a bathroom. It is better to have walls tiled by professional contractors. If wallpaper is a must, contractors can recommend a durable, washable and waterproof type of paper.

7) Outdated and/or inadequate plumbing can be hazardous to one’s health. Having newer plumbing and improved lighting installed will minimize the risks of electrical shocks, leaks, overflows and other accidents. In addition, some people keep their medicines in the bathroom, and if lighting is not optimal, the wrong medication could be taken.

Improved Aesthetics and Convenience

8) Adding a bidet as part of a bathroom upgrade will provide greater convenience to homeowners.

9) A remodel that incorporates his and her sinks increases convenience and looks good. It can lead to a more harmonious marriage or relationship, too, because it will eliminate the squabbles about who is hogging the sink or the mirror. Two sinks: one happy couple!

10) A spa experience can be a daily pleasure. Plumbing contractors can install a hot tub and other features that replicate the environment of top-class health clubs.

Typical Remodeling Jobs Undertaken by Plumbing Professionals

  • Custom bathroom design
  • Full or partial refit
  • Bathtubs, whirlpool or Jacuzzi tubs, shower stalls and commode replacements or installations
  • Refinishing of existing bathtubs
  • Faucets and shower head replacements in a variety of finishes and styles. Finishes include stainless steel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, chrome and brushed nickel
  • Sink removal and installation: options include one-piece, under-mount, drop-ins or wall-mounted
  • Lighting: contractors can incorporate wall lights and recessed lights
  • Mirrors: Mirrors can be framed or wall-width. Multiple mirrors give the illusion of space
  • Flooring: choices can include tiles, vinyl or linoleum flooring. Carpet and wood floors are not practical for bathrooms
  • Wall tiling
  • Counter tops: choice of materials include granite, marble and Formica
  • Vanities and cabinets

A beautiful, energy-saving and functional bathroom doesn’t have to be only a dream. Plumbing professionals have the expertise, tools and resources to make the dream a reality.

To enjoy the peace of mind that comes from professional and quality services in your San Francisco, CA  home, call Magic Plumbing at (415) 441-2255 today!

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