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Learn About National Kitchen & Bathroom Month

Did you know that October is National Kitchen and Bathroom Month? The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association (NKBA) declared it so in 1982 as a way for homeowners to take advantage of the benefits of upgrading their bathrooms and kitchens. They chose October because it’s the perfect month to start a renovation; the kids are back at school and in a comfortable routine and the hustle and bustle of the holidays won’t start for at least another month.

When planning your renovation, there are a few things to consider, but the first step is always dreaming. Thinking of the changes you want to make, looking at designs of other bathrooms or kitchens you admire and collecting ideas to implement in your new room. Here’s some of our hits and misses for bathroom and kitchen trends this year:

Best Kitchen Trends of 2016

Modern kitchens are adopting a high-tech feel that is minimalistic, simple and chic. New appliances and high-efficiency fixtures combine technology and beauty to make preparing meals in your new kitchen a refreshing experience. Some of our favorite kitchen trends include:

  • The classic apron-sink
  • Commercial appliances designed to fit in the home
  • Simple and bright quartz countertops
  • Bold oversized accessories
  • Architectural fixtures and faucets with tech upgrades such as automation
  • Upgraded drawers and cupboards with damping and other advanced features

Kitchens in 2016 include some mainstays such as islands and stainless steel appliances. However, this year less is more with your kitchen.

How to Avoid Trends that Won’t Last

If you’re old enough to remember shag carpeting in bathrooms, you’re probably old enough to realize that not all home trends are built to last. Certain trends come in and out while some leave us wondering what we were even thinking. Thankfully, today’s trends lean more towards the simple rather than the outlandish. There are no avocado-green fridges or polished tiles to ponder.

The best way to incorporate lasting trends and classic design to your new bathroom or kitchen is by considering the components that will work for you. Considering your personal needs rather than lusting over what’s hot right now will ensure you make the right decision and choose lasting products and fixtures for your home.

Shower vs. Tub: How to Choose

Trends are separating the shower and tub from one unit to separate units. But which is better? To be honest, the answer depends solely on you. Your unique needs and preferences will dictate whether it’s better to spend money on a new tub or a new shower. If you find yourself taking more showers than baths, invest in a shower. If you prefer baths, invest in the bath.

Best Bathroom Trends

Bathroom upgrades are immensely popular with homeowners right now because they add value to your home, improve the efficiency of your plumbing systems and provide you with a beautiful room to relax in. Some of our favorite bathroom trends include:

Trough sinks: Not the same trough you find in the barn! The oversized look of these sinks provides a great focal point for your bathroom. They’re simple, sleek and convenient.

Heated floors and anti-fog mirrors: Many bathroom upgrades involve technology including heated floors and anti-fog mirrors. Imagine getting out the shower and having your feet warmed by the tiles or not having to wait for the mirror to defog to brush your teeth or apply makeup. These upgrades are a pure function.

Stand-alone tubs: Integrated bathtubs are out for these beautiful independent models. These units are the ultimate in relaxation.

Other bathroom trends to consider include open concept vanities, dual-flush toilets and angular faucets and fixtures.

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