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News on the Latest Toilet Technologies

Technology has impacted almost every area of life and the plumbing industry is no exception. The latest toilet innovations include motion-activated lids, music players, heated seats and washing and drying functions that can perfectly suite your San Francisco home.

The units are more compact, raised off the floor and keep the plumbing behind the walls for a sleek profile. Here are a few of the most technologically advanced toilets.

The Takagi Tres Bien

This product is a high-tech toilet seat that has an occupied seat sensor, which automatically lowers the seat and closes the lid.

It also has a control panel to adjust the water pressure and seat temperature as well as an adjustable air dryer and a massage-cleansing function.

The TOTO Neorest 600

This is a one-piece, tankless toilet. The integrated bidet is suitable for rear and front warm-water washing, and it has an automatic air dryer as well as a deodorizer.

There is no refill noise with the flushing system, and, possibly one of the best features is the self-cleaning bowl. The lid is motorized to close after every flush when you walk away. It also has an optional LCD remote to operate the different functions.

The Ultimate Solution Comfort Seat

This seat automatically cleans your rear or front when you use a color-coded remote control. There is a different colored button for different functions such as frontal wash, rear wash, air dry and setting water pressure and temperature. It has a user sensor so it will not spray water when no one is using it and it has an automatic energy-saver mode.

Some accessories can be added to a conventional toilet to make life easier such as the Main Drain, an adjustable urinal that can be added to the side of the toilet and is designed to minimize splashing, and a lighted toilet seat made by Kohler that has a battery-powered carbon filter and scent pack system to deodorize odors.

Gradually, a new generation of toilet hygiene is taking over many homes in North America. Hands and paper are no longer used, and the cleanliness is much better.

High-tech, electronic toilets have been more popular in Japan and other parts of Asia, but today even the major companies are manufacturing toilets that automatically clean with warm water, and people no longer need toilet paper.

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