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Prevent Leaks and Properly Care for Your Plumbing System With These Great Tips

As far as home maintenance and getting the best bang for your buck goes, spending even a small amount of time maintaining your plumbing system yields big rewards.

That’s because you identify small problems, like pinhole leaks, before they have a chance to cause major damage. If you’ve ever had a major water leak or a burst pipe, you know what a headache and how destructive water damage can be.

We’ve assembled some of our best tips to help you direct your DIY efforts effectively.

Think About Your Water Pressure

Low Water PressureYou know what is behind most plumbing leaks? Stress on your pipes. If you’ve got the water pressure too high, that will certainly put a great deal of stress on them and wear them down.

It’s not only your pipes that suffer when the pressure is too high but also all your faucets, joints, and valves are working overtime as well.

A way around this is to install a water pressure regulator, which means your water pressure will be in the safe zone and you won’t have to worry about this particular problem.

How to Find Plumbing Leaks

Identify a LeakDon’t wait until you’ve got a flood at home. Get in the habit of routinely inspecting your San Francisco, CA home for damage on a regular basis. Start in the basement and crawl space, paying special attention to the floor and walls.

This is commonly where you might spot a leak in the foundation. Check out all of your plumbing fixtures, looking for dripping faucets and showerheads.

Don’t forget to pull out water-using appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and fridge. Inspect the connector hoses. These will wear down over time and cause major leaks. Consider upgrading rubber connector hoses to stainless steel.

Pipe CorrosionDon’t Let Your Pipes Corrode

If you’ve got hard water, those minerals are going to eventually cause corrosion in your pipes.

This, in turn, will cause pipes to get weak and then spring a leak. If you put in a water softener, that will help to remove some of the harsh minerals and keep corrosion at bay.

Drain Cleaners are Bad for Your Pipes

Chemical Clog RemoverWhile commercial drain cleaners can help you deal with an emergency clog, they also do a great deal of damage to your pipes in the process.

The same acid that breaks up the clog will attack your pipes and eventually cause them to leak. You are better off to use a plumbing snake or call your plumber for help.

Take good care of your plumbing and it will take care of you. Follow these tips and you’ll extend the lifespan of your plumbing system, saving you money.

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