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Preventing a New Homeowner Nightmare with a Plumbing Inspection

It’s amazing how a plumbing inspection can be a lifesaver to those who have limited funds to pay for a new home, especially when the home they are purchasing has a lot of plumbing issues that are unknown and haven’t been addressed. Sometimes, the previous owner knows about the many problems the home has but will not disclose it for fear of not being able to sell the home.

Realistically, if a person knew they had to sink another $5,000-$10,000 into a home to fix plumbing problems that it had, many would choose not to move into the home at all.

Since the home itself has to be sound and good enough to live in, there are no requirements that say the plumbing has to be good for a person to move into a home, which is unfortunate for the next owners of the home.

Getting plumbing inspections can help you to:

  • Know what’s wrong
  • Know how to fix the plumbing problems
  • Learn the cost of the fixes
  • Know how much time the repair will take
  • Possibly save money by learning about issues ahead of time

Learning everything that’s wrong in a home where the plumbing is concerned is great because it means you’ll know all the challenges you may be facing with the plumbing. You’ll learn what plumbing fixes are necessary, and you’ll know how much it will cost to fix the problems, and you’ll also find out how much time the problems will take to set.

Learning everything ahead of time can also help you to save more money, especially if you catch a problem early enough to where it needs small replacements instead of large-scale replacements that may cost a lot more than you anticipated.

Check Water Heater

If you plan to utilize the water heater that is currently in the new home you’re buying, then more power to you, but you’ll want to have the heater checked to make sure it’s functioning right, especially since water heaters, as well as other appliances, can go bad.

A consistently maintained water heater should operate for up to ten years, but a water heater that hasn’t had any maintenance and wasn’t cared for properly will have a shorter lifespan.

Whether it’s gas or electric water heater doesn’t matter because they both function pretty much the same and can be examined by any plumber to determine if the heater can still be used or not.

The water heater will need replacement if a leak is found or if rust is extensive on the inside of the heater. Rusted water heaters can cause discolored water, so a substitution of the water heater would be the wisest choice.

Make Sure Toilet Works

It’s possible to get a toilet for under $200, which may be a bargain, especially compared to the other fixtures that may be in the home, but why replace the toilet if it doesn’t need it? A plumbing inspection can determine the usability of each toilet in the home and if there are leaks or anything that needs to be repaired on the toilet.

Small things like a broken flapper or handle can easily be replaced, but cracks, individual leaks, and a worn-out wax ring may be something that will call for a complete toilet replacement.

Check For Any Discolored Water

Turn on the hot water as well as the cold water to determine if discolored water is coming out of both levers. If discolored water only comes out when the hot water is turned on, then the water heater may be causing the discolored water in the home.

If you get discolored water when the cold water is turned on, then the piping system may be the problem, which means rust can still be the cause as well as too many minerals in the water or other problems.

Never drink water from the tap if it’s discolored, and have the plumber narrow down the cause of the problem to determine how to fix it.

You should call Magic Plumbing in San Francisco, CA at (415) 441-2255 when you need to get a plumbing inspection for your new home.

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