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Simple Tasks in Order to Drain Your Water Heater

Water Heater Maintenance Is Crucial

Those who have a water heater  in their San Francisco home will need to know how to maintain it, even if they don’t do the maintenance work on their own.

If the water heater needs maintenance, such as draining, the owner needs to know when the work has to be done, so they can get a plumber out when it’s necessary.

One big part of maintaining a water heater is draining it on an annual basis, which can lengthen the life of the water heater.

Draining the water heater can also help to ensure that clean water will always come out of the heater for use.

Make Sure The Water Heater Gets Drained

Draining a water heater is a specific task that has to be done accordingly, or it may cause other problems. When a water heater’s going to be drained and is electric, then make sure no electricity is running to the water heater.

Failure to turn off the electricity or to remove the fuse can result in damage to the water heater. Those who have a gas water heater should turn off the gas if possible or put it on its lowest setting. It’s necessary to turn off the valve for cold water to the water heater and to attach a hose to the drain valve.

Once the hose is attached to the drain valve, then switch on any hot water faucet that’s close to the water heater, and then make sure the drain valve is open.

The water should start draining through the hose, or it’s possible to drain the water out into a container of some kind, but make sure it’s able to handle the hot water it’s receiving.

After the water heater has been drained, then add additional water to the heater, and start the draining process all over again, but only add a small amount of water before re-draining.

After draining the water heater for the second time, clean water should be seen, and then the water heater’s drain valve can be closed, so the water heater can be refilled again.

Plumbers Maintain Water Heaters

There can be some complications when draining a water heater, so it’s best to let a plumber handle the process. Getting a plumber out to the San Francisco home every year to drain as well as maintain a water heater will ensure that it runs great for years to come.

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