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The Most Important Ingredient In Lemonade May Surprise You… It’s Water!

Lemonade. What person alive doesn’t enjoy the taste of a cool glass of that sweet yet tart drink when the temperatures skyrocket in San Francisco?

While you can’t make lemonade without lemons, the most important ingredient in making the best tasting lemonade possible is the base of the entire drink… water!

Bad quality water leads to bad tasting lemonade, and you might also end up with extra, possibly harmful ingredients that you didn’t ask for.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can create the best tasting lemonade by learning about how to guarantee quality water and recognize harmful water.

Have You Heard Of Hard Water?

hardwaterThe majority of people in San Francisco say they’ve heard of “hard” water before, but can you actually explain what it is? Hard water is water that tests high in its mineral content, which happens because of chalk and limestone deposits near the water’s source.

Those mineral deposits add calcium, magnesium carbonates, and bicarbonates to all of the water in your house, which can affect the taste of your water as well as adding to the filmy build up in your home.

The only way to counteract having hard water in your home is with the use of a water softener. A water softener works by acting to remove the extra mineral deposits using “ion exchange,” which introduces sodium ions to the water.

These ions attract harder minerals to them, and the pure water is filtered through, while the harmful minerals are forced to stay behind. The end result is pure California water that is clean, healthy, and much better for your clothes, your body, and your lemonade… all by just using a simple water softener.

Try A Whole House Water Filter

wholehousewaterfilterThe easiest way to make sure that all of your home’s water is healthy and tastes great is the use of a whole house water filter.

There are two different kinds of these water filters on the market – a standard capacity water cartridge system and a heavy-duty filtration system.

Both of these water filters work just like the individual faucet filters do, but on a much larger scale, using the exact same ion exchange of a water softener on a larger, more systemic scale.

The final result of using a whole house water filter is that every water source in your home, whether it is located in your bathroom, your kitchen, your laundry room, etc, provides the healthiest, cleanest water possible.

Have You Heard Of UV Water Filters?

uvwaterfiltersIn addition to the traditional whole home water filters, there is one additional type of water filter that is just starting to increase in popularity here in San Francisco.

UV water filters are up and coming and have only started to hit the market, and they are perfect for use in your home. UV (which stands for ultraviolet) water filters use light to both purify the water of bacteria and microorganisms and also remove other harmful minerals that can be both dangerous for you and bad for good tasting lemonade.

UV filters are beneficial because there don’t use additional chemicals, but it is recommended to add an ion exchange filter as well for safest and tastiest water possible. So, now that we’ve learned all about what to be on the lookout for (as well as how to avoid using bad water in our lemonade).

If you notice any of these signs that your home might still be creating poor tasting or harmful tap water, call our pros at Magic Plumbing. We can help you enjoy the tastiest lemonade this summer!


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