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You Can’t Shower Without a Water Heater!

Do you like your morning baths cold? Or how about an early morning shower with freezing water? If you’re like most, chances are the answer is no! Warm showers are what keep us relaxed, soothed, and comfortable.

To ensure that your water is the right temperature, you need to make sure that you pay attention to your water heater. They’re the workhouse of your plumbing system, and often one of the most underappreciated. Today we’ll change that with a helpful guide to your water heater.

Understanding the Plumbing Behind Your Water Heater

bathroomplumbingMaintaining your bathroom includes ensuring that you have regular bathroom plumbing, and for warm water, water heaters should specifically be checked.

While water heaters usually aren’t found in bathrooms, they are important for your bathroom experience. A water heater works by taking in cold water through a tube and then sending it inside of the tank to be warmed.

This can be done through electric water heaters or gas-powered units as well. Once the water is hot, it rises in the tank and then is dispersed throughout the home through another pipe. The water will then be sent to the bathroom if it’s needed there. Many of us prefer warmer water over cold, which is why keeping up with your bathroom plumbing is necessary for a comfortable experience.

Can Mobile Homes Get Hot Water?

waterheaterEvery house needs a water heater to stay comfortable. Whether it is a big house, a small house, or even a mobile home, it should have a water heater in place. Mounting a water heater to a mobile home is certainly a possibility and can be done.

The process includes installing a water heater just as it would be done in a normal house. However, there are additional steps need to be taken, like completing the vent connection, adding a TPR discharge tube to drain outside of the house, and connecting the water lines properly with the correct connectors.

For many mobile homes, tankless water heaters are a top option. Not only are they small in size, but also they can easily be connected just about anywhere, giving you a reliable supply of hot water when you need it most.

Where to NOT Get Your New Unit

nodiyWe all shop at the Home Depot quite often, and many tasks can be completed ourselves. However, when it comes to water heater installation, there are certain steps that must be done by professionals to ensure that they’re done correctly.

We certainly don’t advise that you go to Home Depot and install a water heater yourself, as it can be risky if you’re not experienced.

At Magic Plumbing, we offer expert services through our reliable technicians. We’ll help you choose the right unit for your home, get it installed, and have you enjoying warm showers again in no time!

Ever run out of hot water while taking a shower? Share your story on how it felt, how it happened, and what you did to try and save yourself from the cold water! While it’s certainly a rude awakening, it’s a fun story that others are sure to relate to.


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