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Water Leak Detection

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One of the best ways to prevent plumbing emergencies is frequently checking in on your pipes and plumbing to make sure everything’s running smoothly. If you are worried that you have a water leak, you should call a professional right away to fix it. Waiting to get the issues detected and repaired could end up costing you more in water damage and a more complicated repair.
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Common Causes of Water Leaks

Water leaks can cause extreme damage to your home. Some of the most common causes for leaks include:
  • SHIFTING PIPES – If your home is settling, or if your area has recently experienced an earthquake, you may be more prone to water leaks. As your pipes shift they can break and deteriorate, causing ruptures or leaks.
  • CLOGGED DRAINS – One of the most common causes for water leaks are clogged drains. Clogged drains are caused by the buildup of grease, oil, food and other sediment. Non water-soluble items such as diaper and excess amount of paper towel can also cause clogs.
  • ROOT SYSTEMS TAKING HOLD – Roots have the ability to break through your pipes into your water system. These types of leaks are often more difficult to fix and notice.

Methods of Detection

At Magic Plumbing we use three methods to detect water leaks in your home. The methods are:

  • METER DETECTION – As one of the less invasive methods, we are able to test the water pressure in your pipes and compare it to a healthy pipe. This allows us to determine if there is a leak, and where the leak is located.
  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY – This is the most modern method of leak detection. It involves using an infrared camera to take pictures of the pipes at different angles to detect the clog.
  • DIG AND DRILL – This method is the most invasive option, but is still quite effective. It involves digging into your pipes or walls to detect the leak.

Tips and Prevention

Try some of these tips to prevent any future water leaks from occurring:

  • Insulate pipes that could be exposed to cold temperatures.
  • Remove outside hoses during colder months.
  • Keep your pipes in good condition by not using them for alternative reasons, such as a place to hang your clothes.
  • Inspect your pipes often for small leaks and get them repaired immediately.
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