Smart Water Leak Detector Installation in San Francisco

Is your home protected against water leaks? Call Magic Plumbing at 415-441-2255 to see how a smart water leak detector can make your life easier!

Did you know that undetected leaks could be costing you hundreds of dollars per year in wasted water and water damage? With a smart water leak detector installed in your San Francisco Bay Area home, you can avoid the stress that water leaks can cause!

At Magic Plumbing, we recommend and install the best leak detection devices on the market. Our team of licensed plumbers can assist you in choosing the right model to meet your needs.

Smart Water Leak Detection Puts Your Mind at Ease

At Magic Plumbing, we believe that prevention and early detection is best when it comes to your plumbing systems. And since water is one of the most common causes of property damage, so why wouldn’t you protect against it? Get ahead of plumbing and water leaks with a leak sensor. The top devices we recommend and install are the Phyn Plus and Honeywell Lyric.

Phyn Plus

What is Phyn Plus?

Phyn Plus is a smart water assistant and shutoff device which measures small changes in water pressure and alerts you when it detects a leak. This technology eliminates costly water damage by automatically shutting off the water when a leak is found. Plus, potential problems are caught before they become costly issues.

What are the benefits of installing Phyn Plus?

Phyn Plus diagnoses issues within your plumbing system and alerts you when a leak is detected.

  • Catch plumbing issues from a dripping faucet to pinhole leaks to frozen pipes.
  • Prevent costly damage with the built-in water shutoff valve.
  • Get real-time alerts when there is a potential leak.
  • Receive daily diagnostic plumbing checks which notify you of abnormal pressure levels.

Who can install my Phyn Plus?

The Phyn Plus must be installed by a Uponor Pro Squad member. Magic Plumbing is your local Uponor Pro Squad provider. Give us a call to learn how Phyn Plus can help you stay in the loop and keep ahead of your sneaky plumbing leaks!

Honeywell Lyric

Honeywell Lyric is another smart leak detector we recommend to homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. This device knows when there is a leak or humidity problem in your home and warns you before pipes crack or burst.

What are the benefits of installing the Honeywell Lyric?

The Honeywell Lyric is a powerful water leak and freeze detector which connects to WiFi without the need for a smart home hub. The device warns of water leaks and freezing temperatures as well as high humidity levels in the home. The Lyric conveniently features:

  • Wireless and battery operated
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Easy monitoring with the Honeywell Home App

The only drawback to the Lyric is that it cannot be integrated with a smart home system. In other words, it can’t communicate with the water valve to tell it to shut off, whereas other smart leak detection devices such as the Phyn Plus can.

If you’re not sure which smart water leak and freeze detector is right for you, call Magic Plumbing at 415-441-2255. Our expert plumbers will be able to decide on the right model for your SF Bay Area home.