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Have questions about your central heating, furnace, or air conditioning? Call Magic Plumbing at 415-441-2255 today!

Magic Plumbing understands that having functioning heating and cooling systems is about more than just regulating the temperature in your home. It is also about safety, air quality, and saving money. Not only could a faulty HVAC system be dangerous, but it could be losing you money on your energy bill every day. If you have any questions about your home’s central heating, furnace, or AC, contact Magic Plumbing. We’ll tell you what you need to fix, what you need to replace, or what can wait.

  • Heater Repair & Installation
  • AC Repair & Replacement
  • Ductless Mini Split Services
  • Heat Pump Services
  • And More!

Signs Your Furnace Needs to Be Replaced

Nothing will ruin your winter like a dysfunctional furnace. Not only will your house settle at an uncomfortable temperature, but you also risk high energy bills, poor air quality, illness, and even fires.

Call Magic Plumbing for central heating or furnace repair if:

  • Your house is not getting warm enough
  • The heating system or furnace makes loud noises
  • Your monthly utility bills continue to rise
  • Your thermostat does not function properly

Regular central heating and furnace maintenance will prevent the rise of the cost of further repairs, in addition to saving you money every month with a lower energy bill.

If you think you need repairs, call Magic Plumbing and we will send a technician to take a look. We can tell you what can be left alone, what needs to be repaired, and what needs to be replaced. We can also help install a new heater or furnace to give your home the warmth it needs.

Benefits of Replacing Your AC System

If your AC falls under any of the following, you may want to think about replacing your system:

  • Unit is 10-15 years old
  • Your utility bills continue to rise
  • There are leaks, especially in the ductwork
  • Your system makes strange sounds
  • Your home does not reach the desired temperature

Call Magic Plumbing for air conditioning system replacement and installation. Replacing your system will result in greater energy efficiency, improved climate control, and better air quality.

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