Which Way Does Your Toilet Bowl Swirl?

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us wonder how they came to be that way… Do you know which direction your toilet bowl swirls? Take the video quiz below to find out! You may be surprised to see what you find. The experts at Magic Plumbing, in the San Francisco, CA area, are always


Common Plumbing Myth Questions Answered

As you tackle your DIY home maintenance, do you ever really wonder about some of the facts that you think you know? Especially when it comes to your plumbing, you may be operating based on knowledge that isn’t entirely true. It’s not your fault, though. There are numerous plumbing myths circulating that many people have


DEFENSE: Protecting Your Pipes During Super Bowl LI

Halftime Flush, Fact or Fiction? If you are a Super Bowl fan, then you have probably heard that thousands of spectators who are watching the game at home will flush their toilets at the same time during Half Time. Some of these stories are true because several cities have noticed that water usage does increase