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Are Automated Plumbing Services in The Immediate Future?

What to Expect From Automated Plumbing

This is a world of almost constant technological advances. It seems that every day you hear about new technology that will improve your life. Amidst these advances, there are many questions about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the workforce and the number of jobs that will become automated.

In many professions, there are concerns that in the near future, the vast majority of jobs will be taken over by AI's. While many areas are increasingly automated, it seems unlikely that plumbers will be replaced by artificial intelligence anytime soon. Here are some reasons why.

Slab Foundations and Leaks

One very basic reason that plumbers will be needed for the foreseeable future is the foundation that many homes are built on. Most older homes are built on a slab foundation. In these homes, the primary plumbing systems are laid and then covered over. These foundations were not built to be integrated with technology and it’s hard to envision a way to equip them for smart systems.

slab leaks

As such, if there are costly slab leaks, you need a qualified professional to locate and resolve the issue properly. While newer homes are being built with smart systems, older homes on slab foundations are simply not built to integrate technology. Until more homes are built with smart systems in mind, plumbers will be needed to diagnose and repair issues with many aspects of the home’s plumbing system.

Advances in Bathroom Plumbing

bathroom plumbingWhile plumbers are needed to handle many aspects of your plumbing system, there are more and more components of your system that can be automated. This is especially true for bathroom plumbing services.

You can get an automated shower, which allows you to program everything from shower temperature to water pressure to shower duration. Additionally, automated toilets are gaining in popularity and becoming increasingly advanced.

Some of these toilets raise and lower the lid on their own and are self-flushing. These automated systems are not only convenient, but they also are efficient and can help you to use less water in the bathroom. This is the technology that helps the environment and lowers your water bill.

The Value of Tradesmen

As more jobs become automated, it raises awareness about the skill sets necessary in different professions. Plumbers provide some unique skill sets from hand-eye coordination to an understanding of every aspect of a home’s plumbing system and the surrounding area. These highly skilled tradesmen provide important services, and it’s hard to envision a time when machines can take over these tasks.


That said, if and when they do, it will be necessary to have individuals with the skills and knowledge to handle those machines. Thankfully, there is a force of experienced and qualified plumbers that will be up for that challenge.

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