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Fall is Always The Perfect Time For Sewer Cleaning Services

Sewer Cleaning During The Months of Fall

After a hot summer, the cool days of fall can be a great relief. With cooler weather, shorter days and changing leaves, it’s a nice change of pace. Add to that, pumpkins, fall festivals, costumes, and trips to orchards, and fall becomes a much anticipated season for many. However, with the season comes lots of falling leaves.

While they are pretty as they change colors, they can be a nuisance once they’ve fallen. One risk that leaves present is clogging outdoor sewer systems. To help you avoid this headache, here are some tips about sewer cleaning from local professionals.

Understanding Your Sewer System

sewer systemTo appreciate the concerns surrounding a clog in your sewer system, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how sewer systems work. Your home has two piping systems - one to carry clean water in and another to carry wastewater out.

Wastewater is carried down and out of your home, primarily using gravity with the assistance of some vents and traps. Once it’s out of your home, it flows into the main drain line that continues to flow down and away from your house.

That line then connects with a city sewer line, which takes all waste to a wastewater treatment facility. While your home’s drainage line isn’t a popular topic, it plays an important role in your home’s plumbing system and, without it, none of your plumbing systems would work properly.

The Important Role of the Main Drain Line

All wastewater exits your home and then enters your main drain line to flow to the municipal sewer line. If the main drain line is clogged, wastewater cannot exit your home. If this issue is not resolved, it will cause all drains in your home to be backed up as there is nowhere for wastewater to flow.

main drain line

Having one clogged drain is a plumbing headache that can create problems and lead to damage. Now imagine what it would be like if every drain in your house was clogged. This is what can happen if the main drain line gets clogged. To avoid this issue, it’s important to regularly inspect and clean your main drain line.

Concerns Regarding Sewage

sewageIf the main drain line gets clogged and the issue is not timely resolved, it can lead to major issues for your plumbing system, your home, and your health. If the main drain line stays blocked, sewage will start to flow upwards and will back up in the drains in your home.

This is obviously unpleasant, but it’s also expensive and difficult to clean up. Finally, as you might imagine, the presence of raw sewage in your home presents some significant health risks.

Avoid these concerns by having your sewage line inspected and cleaned. Professionals use a camera to inspect your mainline and then work to clear out any blockages. If you haven’t done so recently, contact a professional to have your line inspected and cleaned.

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