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Stop Plumbing Emergencies From Ruining Thanksgiving Plans

Don’t Let Plumbing Issues Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner 

The holidays are a time of celebration, but because there’s so much to do, they can also be stressful. With all the plans and traveling, there is plenty to do, not to mention for those hosting Thanksgiving dinner. To make sure things go smoothly during such a busy time, doesn't it seem like a good idea to prevent potential plumbing problems, too? 

A plumbing disaster is one thing that can’t be anticipated during Thanksgiving dinner. A host may plan for all kinds of problems, like a dry turkey or insufficient seating, but plumbing problems likely never cross their mind. This year, take a step towards preventing the hassle of plumbing issues before the holidays. Take some advice from local plumbing experts to help stop plumbing problems before they ruin dinner. 

Prevent Clogged Toilets That Could Ruin the Night toilet

A clogged toilet can cause all kinds of problems during holiday dinners. Clogged toilets can range from a nasty mess that doesn’t flush without some plunging to a toilet that backs up onto the bathroom floor. Luckily, most clogged toilets can be prevented with mindfulness when it comes to hosting guests. 

Here are some easy ways to avoid clogged toilets: 

  • Encourage users not to flush anything other than waste and toilet paper
  • Provide a wastebasket for hygiene items like feminine products, cotton swabs, and paper towels
  • Make sure the toilet is flushing with enough water to wash down the waste
  • Double flushing not only limits odors but also reduces the likelihood of a clogged toilet

Finally, in the name of discretion, keep a plunger nearby. If a guest does have to deal with a clog, this will allow them to handle it without making a scene. 

Prevent Blocked Sewer Lines sewer lines

Chronic toilet clogs are often caused by problems further down the line. These problems will probably also manifest themselves in places like bathtubs where drains gurgle and drain slowly.  Clogged sewer lines occur when the sewer pipe has become fouled with things like:

  • Toilet paper
  • Non-flushable items
  • Cooking grease
  • Hair 

Keeping all these items besides toilet paper out of the sewer line is the best way to stop them from clogging and allowing sewage to run back into the home or seep stinky gasses into the living space. Routine drain cleaning by a plumber can also prevent clogged sewer lines, so it’s a good idea to have it done before clogs become a problem during the holidays. 

Be Thankful for Preventative Maintenance From Qualified Plumbers 

Professional plumbers are experts at preventing plumbing issues and offer a couple of services to help hosts out. First, routine drain cleaning from a professional can clean up sewer lines, prevent clogs, and ensure the kitchen and bathrooms are ready for the big day. 

Secondly, plumbing maintenance allows experts to inspect piping, water heaters, and toilets for problems. Then they can fix these issues before they worsen and become a plumbing emergency over the holidays. When a host uses these services to their advantage, the result will be a safe and successful Thanksgiving dinner. 

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