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The Holidays Are Tough on Bathroom Plumbing

More Visitors Means More Plumbing Problems

Even during the holidays, the plumbing system is a significant part of the modern home. For many families, it is considered the most important system in the house. The demand the modern household puts on their plumbing system seems to increase as the years progress. It doesn’t mean that plumbing systems are necessarily getting stronger, but that homeowners are getting smarter. The holidays can add stress to the plumbing system that could potentially send it over the edge. However, these three tips from expert plumbers could prevent that from happening entirely. 

Common Signs the Toilet Needs To Be Replaced


Perhaps one of the most important things every homeowner should check first is the condition of their toilet. Before any number of guests come over for holiday dinner, it is crucial to know that the toilet is in efficient working order and can handle the demand of more people. 

Below are the common signs that the toilet can’t handle the demand and needs to be replaced beforehand: 

  • The toilet itself feels wobbly
  • There are cracks in the bowl
  • It isn’t secured into the floor very well
  • The toilet is old
  • Frequent repairs
  • It clogs easily
  • The flushing system doesn’t work consistently 

Toilet replacement is quick and painless when dealing with an experienced professional. They could even help the homeowner find better deals on a new toilet to help the replacement process along even further. 

How To Avoid Toilet Clogs During the Holidays

paper down the toilet

A homeowner’s bathroom’s ability to avoid a clog during the holiday season is directly proportionate to its ability to avoid a clog when there isn’t an influx of guests around. In other words, if the system experiences frequent clogs already, it probably isn’t the best idea to have guests over for the holidays. 

There are a few things every homeowner can do to try and prevent clogging during the holidays: 

  • Having all problems fixed and replaced beforehand
  • Professionally cleaning the system beforehand
  • Flushing the toilet multiple times after each use

Another old home remedy to prevent clogs is taking some baking soda and pouring it down the bathroom drains, along with some apple cider vinegar. The combination creates a chemical reaction that clears out the piping system naturally without hurting the pipes. 

Professional Clogged Toilet Solutions

Sometimes, a clog is so bad it requires a professional. This is the case if the toilet clogs frequently or if it seems to have a large clog that won’t budge with the plunger always conveniently located right next to it. 

Professional solutions save homeowners time, money, and stress. Not to mention they also ensure the system is free and clear of clogging and any other possible or related issues. Professionals go above and beyond to ensure their customers have a safe and reliable plumbing system for the holidays and beyond!

Magic Plumbing Is There When Homeowners Need Them

Plumbing issues are frustrating enough. Don’t let them interfere with holiday plans! The experts at Magic Plumbing are there when their customers need them most because they understand the importance of properly working plumbing systems, especially during the holiday season. Call them for all your bay area toilet repair needs.