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Two Ways To Cure a Blocked Drain (And One Way Not To)

How Best To Fix a Blocked Drain - and One Way To Make Things Worse

One of the most - if not the most - common plumbing issues is the clogged drain. Most often, this is a bathroom, shower, or kitchen drain. And usually, the culprit is hair, food, grease, and a collection of other grime that has been allowed to build up in the drain. Sometimes a home remedy will work, such as pouring hot water down the drain or using vinegar and baking soda to try and break up the clog. 

But sometimes, a more aggressive approach is required. The two best approaches are snaking and hydro-jetting, which this article will cover. It will also cover one common drain clearing option that could make things worse. 

Snaking the Drainsnaking

A plumber's snake is a long, flexible auger that's been used for nearly 100 years to clear drains. Most plumbers use electric versions of these tools. They plug them into the wall and can simply press a trigger to have the auger twist as it goes down the drain, which can push down the clog, breaking it up, or they can snag the blockage and pull it back up. They also make manual ones that homeowners can use with their hands, which work for minor clogs. 

One drawback about snakes is that they don't fully clear the drain walls, which means that another clog can form before long. They can also do some minor damage to the inside of the drain, which is a worry mainly in older homes. 

Hydro-Jetting the Drainhydrojetting

Hydro-jetting is a newer form of drain cleaning that utilizes high-pressure water to clear out clogged drains. These tools use multiple jet streams of water to clear nasty clogs and flush them down the drain and out of the home's plumbing system. 

Hydro-jetting's benefits over snaking include its ability to fully clean the walls of the drain, which can help prevent further clogs. Also, since hydro-jetting uses water, there's little chance of damaging the pipe as snaking can in older pipes. 

Damaging the Drain With Chemical Drain Cleaners

While snaking and hydro-jetting are the best ways to cure blocked drains, chemical drain cleaners are the worst. Unfortunately, these drain cleaners are incredibly common, and many homeowners have chemical drain cleaners under their sinks in case of a clog. Homeowners don't know that these cleaners can cause corrosion when they're used too much or allowed to sit in the pipe. 

The caustic chemicals in these drain cleaners can do more than harm the home's plumbing system. They can harm the environment too. They can end up in the water table, which can cause harm to plants, animals, and humans in high amounts. This is why it's best to avoid these cleaners whenever possible. 

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