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Why Plumbers Are Needed for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Plumbing & Bathroom Remodeling

An amazing master bathroom can make or break buyers looking at new homes. Because of this, bathroom remodeling is a great way for homeowners to increase the value of their homes. Besides just keeping the space from becoming outdated visually, there are benefits to installing fixtures that are more efficient or eco-friendly.

However, bathroom remodeling is no simple task. Whether you simply want to install a new toilet and vanity, or completely rearrange the entire bathroom layout, a plumber will be an essential member of your remodeling team.

They’ll be able to identify old plumbing that may need to be replaced, repair any leaks, and make sure that all installations are done correctly. Understanding what bathroom remodeling is, and how plumbers work within these popular renovations should be the first step for most homeowners considering this project.

What is Bathroom Remodeling?

how plumbers workBathroom remodeling involves updating or renovating the home’s existing bathroom plumbing. They typically involve the installation of a new bathroom feature or some type of expansion. Because of this, there is usually new plumbing that needs to be installed to connect the new areas and fixtures with the existing system.

In addition to increasing the home’s value, a remodeled bathroom provides homeowners and residents the opportunity to increase their comfort at home.

Especially during these trying times, finding new comforts at home is a big deal for many people. Installing eco-friendly fixtures is also a great way to not only help the environment but to save money by using less water.

How Plumbers Work During Bathroom Remodels

The plumber on your remodeling team is going to do more than just install new fixtures. They will also assess the existing plumbing system. Plumbing systems are used constantly, and just like everything else in life, pipes wear down over time. A remodel is a great opportunity to see exactly what is going on with these systems behind the walls and determine if any older plumbing needs to be replaced.

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All trained and licensed plumbers will be able to recommend the best materials to use when replacing older systems and will know how to install everything up to code. Finally, if any damages are accidentally made to the plumbing during other parts of the remodel, having a plumber handy will make repairs that much quicker. This is why having a professional on the team is crucially important.

Popular Bathroom Remodels

While a plumber will be needed for most major aspects of a bathroom remodel, from the shower to the vanity faucets, and the tub to the toilet, there are also aspects that won’t concern the plumber. Most popular bathroom remodels will include the following:

  • popular remodelsNew Countertops (Eco-Friendly Material, Marble, Etc.)
  • Skylights or Other Exterior Windows to Allow More Natural Light
  • Tile Floors, Walls, or Counters
  • Water Features Like a Whirlpool Tub or Walk-In Shower

While the plumber will not be involved directly in these aspects, their input for how all of these will work and interact with the plumbing systems will be important.

Finding a professional plumber that understands the ins and outs of bathroom remodeling will be key for any homeowner hoping to have a successful project.

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